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Emotions and creativity are at an all time high when we invite the master mind into our planning. You are not going to want to miss our 3–day Live Intentionally and Follow Through Event. This weekend is packed full of life changing content, fun inspiration and friendship. It is our favorite time of year.

I’m so grateful I attended the LIFT event! Being in the presence of women who are taking action to live their best lives and are willing to share their gifts was a privilege. The speakers were dynamic, entertaining and shared their insights and expertise in a genuine way. It provided me with clear direction and gave me life changing tools that were so easy to implement. I see a difference in the way I am living each day! I was so inspired that after the event, I contacted Jami to see how I could be involved. Now, I am a leader of a RISE community in my home town and am so excited to be part of something that I know will change woman all over the world!

Kimberly Hicks - Tucson, AZ

Stay Tuned for 2015 Event Details